• Suites are 6’Long, 3’ Wide, 8’ High and have private views of the aviary. Two styles
    of rooms are available: those with climbing steps and those with ramps. Please let us
    know your preference when making a reservation.
  • House food is Hills Intestinal Diet.
  • We use a corn-based clumping cat liter. If your kitty is averse to using this, please
    let us know and we may be able to accommodate her special needs.
  • Hours of operation:  Open 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm Monday - Saturday.
  • We are closed Sundays and major holidays.
  • Appointments to visit us are by reservation. Our focus is on loving care for the kitties
    so our hours open to humans are limited. Please call or e-mail us to schedule a visit
    Monday – Saturday.  Thank you.

  • All boarding AND grooming kitties must be flea free and current on FVRCP and
    Rabies vaccines.  
  • All kitties must be free from transmittable illnesses. Ex. Upper respiratory, ringworm,

  • Proof of FVRCP and Rabies vaccination. One- or three-year vaccines, as
    appropriate for your cat, are accepted. Or, a letter of vaccine exemption from your
    vet, which applies to kitties who are older, who have a disease process like cancer or
    kidney etc., or an immune-mediated disease. This is where the veterinarian has
    determined that the health of the cat is in jeopardy if she is vaccinated.
  • Flea preventative: To prevent potential flea transfer to our other guests, please
    bring a flea preventative like Frontline or Advantage with you at drop off when
    boarding. If you do not have a flea preventative, we are happy to provide treatment
    upon arrival at a cost of $20. If any cat is seen to have fleas at any time during his or
    her stay while boarding or grooming, they will be given a treatment at owners cost.
  • Food: Enough food for duration of stay marked with name and instructions on
    feeding. Try to bring regular diet to prevent tummy upset.
  • Medication: Enough medication for duration of stay marked with name, type and
    instructions on administration. Medication is given at approximately 9am and 5pm.
    You will need to make special arrangements for times outside of those listed above.
  • Something that smells familiar. Mommy’s PJ's or a nice stinky sock…
  • Any extra beds or toys that your kitty enjoys

    To make a reservation, click here.
  • meowhaus charges per night. Weekends two-night minimum.
  • Check in time is between 2pm-4:45pm Monday through Saturday.
  • Check out time is between 9am-11:45am Monday through Saturday.
  • Early check in or late check out can often be accommodated for half-day fees
    per cat. See Rates.

    Cancellations made less than 4 days in advance are subject to a $50 cancellation
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Open to humans:  9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm  Monday - Saturday