• Choice of suites:
         o  ramps for the arthritic or less active cat
         o  climbing steps for the active cat
  • Private suites cleaned daily
  • Litter boxes cleaned minimum 3x daily
  • Fresh water 2x daily
  • Individual private play and snuggle time

special amenities included:
  • Private view of an indoor aviary for bird watching
  • Lots of ramps and perches for playing and climbing
  • Sky boxes for optimal sky-high viewing
  • Private play and cuddle time
  • Orthopedic beds
  • Mouse toy on pillow
  • Complimentary nightly treat
  • Daily health and behavior recorded daily - information sent home
  • Feliway pheromone for tranquility
  • Climate controlled
  • HEPA filtration system for air quality and air particle control
  • Licensed Veterinary Technician on staff
  • Access to veterinary care minutes away  
  • Centrally located in the Hollywood district

special amenities offered:
  • Boarding/grooming packages
  • Bonito Fish flakes
  • Catnip mouse toy, locally made
  • House food (Hills intestinal diet)
  • E-mail updates with pictures
  • Medication administration and Glucose monitoring
  • Spa Services
  • In-Home Care Services
feline boarding and day spa
5244 NE Sandy Blvd                 Portland, Oregon                 6025 NE Sandy Blvd
503.281.0222       catboarding@meowhaus.biz
Open to humans:  9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm  Monday - Saturday